Friday, June 11, 2010

Elderly Observation- Observation 2

Every fortnight, we would go back to my mother's old neighborhood estate in Marsiling. There are lots of good food to eat. These are all cooked by elderly people who have been staying there since 30 years ago. In general, there are lots of old people living there.

I noticed a common trait among them (similar to my grandmother):

Most of them are weak in the knees. The serious ones would need to use walking sticks. The more serious ones are wheelchair bound.

I also noticed another common trait: Most of the elderly do not like to be confined to their homes. They like to spend time at the void decks to have chats or play chess. I would like to take a picture or a video of them but they did not allow me to.

I am feeling perturbed. One day my parents would grow old too. One day, I would grow old too.

Would I rely solely on employed caretakers to take care of us? How would I feel if my children were to leave me in an old folks home, visiting me once a month?

We should not solely rely on external caretakers. We should also take care of them ourselves to show that they are still being loved. In this way, they would still find purpose living in this world.

Looking at their mobility and issues faced, we should design more elder-friendly environment and living area. In this way, the elderly can live happily, without having to worry that they are going to get hurt or anything. They can feel safe.

To begin this journey, I should start to spend more time with my grandmother.

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