Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Elderly Challenge - Observation 3

This picture on the left shows the elderly choosing her vegetables at the wet market at Admiralty. The elderly usually come here to buy their own ingredients so that they, or their caretakers can cook food to eat. I feel that even though the elderly are very old, they still take the initiative to buy their own food.

I interview this elderly who did not want an audio nor a video interview to take place. She said that everyday, she would go to the wet market so that she could buy all the ingredients she needs to cook to eat. She said it was difficult to carry all the ingredients(though she really wants too, but she is very old now), that is why she has a caretaker to help her.

I feel that she really wants to be young again, just like most other elderly. She also told me she does not want her caretaker to hold her hand or help her onto bed, only her family. All elderly just want another chance at life, they want to feel young and make up their errors.

My next observation would be in Japan. I hope there is something different there. I can only post my fourth observation in June 26th.

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