Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Elderly Challenge - Observation 1

I have uploaded this video to show how much difficulty an elderly has in order to reach and rest on her bed. She is my grandmother. She hates to be immobile. She does not like her caretaker to help her up on her bed. She prefers us, her family, to have priviledge to help her. Only when she is having flu or very tired she would allow her caretaker to give her a hand in getting out of the bed, walking around or bathing. Her legs are weak and her back often aches. In actual fact, she should use a walking stick to walk. However, she finds the walking stick too heavy and cumbersome. She would prefer to walk more slowly than to make use of it. She likes to eat very salty food. This is because her taste buds are affected due to huge quantity of medicine she is taking daily. Hence, her caretaker would need to cook food appropriate for her, balancing her dietary needs and health needs. In our bathroom, there’s a grab bar installed. Also, we have placed non-slippery mat on the bathroom floor too. This is to prevent her from slipping. My mum also purchase special floor solution for caretaker to mop the floor (it would make our ceremic floor tiles less slippery). I think elderly people may be old, but they have their pride.

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