Tuesday, February 9, 2010

my ADMT picture story

This is the ADMT room. I took photo of my friend, Niloy, who said he allowed me to take a photo of him. We were all paying close attention in class to listen out on what we were supposed to do.

After finishing our work, how about a nice and cold refreshing drink?

Gulp!!! Ah... Soothing drink to refresh my throat after a 10 minute work!


  1. for the 1st picture, your focus looks like its the ADMT room as most of the picture consist of it. If u want Niloy to be the focus of your picture, he should be at the centre of the photo. The second phot would be better if it was shot higher as the objects head has been cut off. the object should be in the centre of the photo for the 3rd picture

  2. Photo 1: This photo seems to have the ADMT room as the focus point as the person you are trying to take is not centralized. However, this photo has no distractions in the background.

    Photo 2: The person in this photo seems to be chopped of near the head area as his head is too near to the top of the frame. He is also not looking at the camera and the lighting seems to be too dark.

    Photo 3: The person in this photo is not centralized and the person's face is too dark.

  3. The first photo was not concentrated as the object was not close to the middle. For the second one, a picture with the half of the head cut off doesn't look good and that also applies to the last picture.